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The Club welcomes booklets to include in packets for circulation to members; members usually supply their own booklets but we can provide a small number of blank booklets to members for this purpose. It is possible to arrange distribution of the packets (which usually contain approximately 20 booklets) to members who are housebound.  Items need to be securely fixed on each page either by hinges, mounts or small bags or envelopes.  Postcards should be in polyprotec sleeves.


The rules are as follows

Packets are circulated only to members of the Farnborough Stamp and Postcard Club (FSC) and Fleet & North Hants Philatelic Society (FNHPS) who are up to date with their subscriptions. Members who have not paid their subscriptions to their respective club within one month of being notified (without adequate reason) of the start of the club season will be excluded from the packet.


Payment of the club membership fee commits a member to the rules of the packet and to recovery of losses by all legal means by the club should any infringement of the rules cause loss to the club.


The packet will be managed by the Packet Secretary whose duties will also include receipt of material, creation and distribution of packets to the packet circulators. After closure of each packet and deduction of appropriate expenses and commissions, the Packet Secretary will arrange payment and return of material to vendors. A certificate of posting shall be obtained from the Post Office when material is returned by post.


The packet should not be retained (unless notified to the Packet Circulator/Secretary) any longer than 3 days. Members should ensure there is no delay in passing on the packet. Packet circulators will monitor the progress of a packet and those who persistently breach the rules may be excluded from the circulation. It is incumbent upon members to notify planned absences as far in advance as possible. For unexpected absence the circulator/ Packet Secretary should be notified.


Each member is fully responsible for the packet whilst in his/her possession. Purchasers must stamp or sign their name legibly in full in ink in all spaces from which items have been removed. Purchasers must also note on the front cover of each book the number and total price of items purchased. The circulation list and purchase slip supplied with each packet should be correctly completed and legibly signed. Upon acceptance from the preceding member, members should examine books for any unsigned spaces or discrepancies and immediately reported to the circulator/Packet Secretary. Items found to have been removed and left unsigned, the member who just passed on the packet will be held responsible for the cost of the missing items.


Payment shall be made within 7 days of purchase to the Packet Circulator. Cheques and Postal Orders should be crossed and made payable to the Farnborough Stamp and Postcard Club. Payments for small purchases may be made in cash through the envelope enclosed in the packet and members shall check the monies enclosed equal that quoted on the front.


Purchase slips (including NIL purchases) should be submitted to the Packet Circulator. This is essential for record and insurance purposes and monitoring of packet progress.


Members shall pass the packet by hand, if not; the member is liable for any loss. A receipt shall be obtained (purchase slip). Packets must not be left unattended in a vehicle as in the event of loss, damage or theft the packet is NOT insured and the offending member shall be responsible for any such loss.


Members own booklets are welcome for circulation (it is your club) but must comply with the following:


Booklets must be of standard size (approx 130x200mm-5”x8”)

Only one side of the page should be used (except in the case of Postcards)

Items must be securely mounted and the club will not be responsible for loose items lost

All pages shall be numbered

Prices should be above the items and catalogue numbers quoted wherever possible (state catalogue used if other than SG)

Vendors must report any discrepancies within in the returned books to the Packet Secretary within 7 days of receipt. No claims will be accepted after the 7 day period.


Neither the club nor Packet Secretary guarantees the genuineness or accuracy of the description of material circulated. The Packet Secretary may comment where identification is liable to lead to unfounded reports of “switching”. The onus is on the buyer that the material is as described. Small packets of loose stamps at standard price are acceptable on an “on trust basis”. The packet Secretary reserves the right to return booklets submitted in poor condition.


A commission of 10% is deducted from sales and paid to the club. A further charge will be made if insurance cover is required, charges being 1.25% for 50% or 2% for 100% cover of nominal value. Booklets will be returned by hand wherever possible. Postal returns will be charged at cost.


All communications or queries regarding packet circulation should be made to the Circulator in first instance. Communications of an important nature regarding the management of the packet must be addressed to the Packet Secretary. Comments or suggestions to improve the packet service are always welcome


The total insured value of a packet shall not exceed £600. Insurance of material will be confined to vendors who specifically request it.


In the event of any dispute, the decision of the club committee shall be final.


Infringement of these rules may lead to exclusion from the packet circulation.




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